These include

Give your child a start in life by giving him/her an identity, not only an earthly name, but also a spirit name, known only to you, your child, and your Divinity. Accept the guidance and protection of the Guides and Guardians, Ancients and Ancestors as we welcome the new traveller into the apparent world.

The original wedding ceremony and ritual which allows you the freedom to celebrate your willingness to be bound together as equals, as husband and wife. Experience together as you take your vows, exchange tokens, and perhaps jump the broomstick before family, friends and your Divine spirit, outdoors or indoors.

Bidding farewell to the spirit of a loved one who has passed into the Summerlands is never easy, but with the love, support, and help of our kinfolk and friends, we are better able to deal with the first pains of loneliness and apprehension which so often invade our thoughts.

The Parting Ritual is a gentle ceremony to give thanks for times shared in the past, and times still to come, and to ensure a speedy and safe passing of the departed soul into the Summerlands.