Introduction to Reiki, The Origin and History of Reiki - The Two Precepts, The Three Degrees Introduction to the Human Energy System - Chakra Affirmations, Guided Imagery - The Waterfall, First Degree Attunement, Direct Healing, Quick Treatment, Reiki Healing, Reiki for Plants and Animals, Self Treatment, Ethical Guidelines

Introduction to Second Degree Reiki, Human Energy Systems and Reiki - Energy Lines, Emerging Chakras, Auric Bodies, Thought-forms, Rays and Guides, Reiki and Reiki Guides, Guided Imagery - The Journey, Second Degree Attunement Second Degree Symbols - The Power Symbol, The Emotional - Mental Symbol, The Distance Healing Symbol, Using The Reiki Symbols in Direct Healing - General Healing, Emotional Healing, Healing Past Trauma, The Reiki Release - Emotional Uncording, Guided Imagery - The Release, Healing in the Auric Field, The Reiki Scan, The Reiki Boost, Absentee Healing,

Introduction to Third Degree Reiki - The Master/Teacher, The Way of the Fire Dragon - Fire Dragon Breath Exercises Kidney Breathing Hui Yin contraction, White Mist Breathing Fire Dragon Breath, Reiki Master initiations - The Water Ceremony, White Light Symbol Guided Imagery - The White Light, Third Degree Symbols - The Attunement Symbol, The Grounding Symbol Guided Imagery -The Lighthouse, Passing Attunements, Teaching Reiki - First Degree, Second Degree Third Degree, Reiki and the Path to Enlightenment, Guided Imagery - Enlightenment, Master Attunements

Upon completion of the workshop each newly attuned Master receives a set of student notes, a set of instructor notes and copies of the guided meditations for all three level of training.