This workshop provides an experiential introduction to First nations drumming and drum healing. Various techniques and patterns of drumming (Drums across the river, heart Drumming, Serpent drumming, Ghost drumming etc.) are discussed and practiced. Much of the workshop is used in experiencing drumming as a tool of contemplation, introspection, healing and journeying. (This workshop is best done outdoors)

This workshop examines the main difference between a labyrinth and a maze, as well as the structure and origin of a number of labyrinth patterns. Synonymous with walking our life path, we focus on creating a seven gate (Gaia) labyrinth, and by progressing along the path of the labyrinth we work through the major chakras enabling us to deal with many unresolved issues and bring balance back into our lives. This can be a very emotional, and uplifting experience.

This workshop begins with a review of the different types of magic, focusing on nature philosophies. We then examine how magic works and how we can live a magical life in today’s world. Included in the workshop are grounding and centring exercises. The workshop concludes with an exercise in which we create a personal “Window of Life” following traditional native and Celtic traditions.

This workshop begins with a discussion into the forms of meditation. It examines how to differentiate meditation from contemplation and daydreaming. We will discuss and experience the impact of some gentle, yet powerful, breath-work on the level and quality of meditation. Finally we will both discuss and experience meditation as it applies to the process of self-healing and its use in past life regression.

This workshop begins with the history and purpose of wands. We will examine the considerations necessary for the appropriate choice of wood and and crystal required. Following the basic construction of the wand, we will discuss and practice anointing and drawing energy into your wand, and examine the relevance of the Lesser banishing ritual of the Pentagram and Middle Pillar exercise.

This workshop examines the purpose of working in a circle? We discuss the relevance of circle work for the solitary practitioner and compare the benefits of group and solitary work. We introduce the do’s and don’ts of Circle etiquette. Following discussion of protection and tools, we plan and cast a circle. The workshop concludes with a Druid ceremony celebrating one of the eight major festivals.